In 1990, CONNEX GmbH was founded as a small workshop for musicians' supplies.
In the beginning, power supplies and DI boxes were manufactured in the smallest quantities.
An expansion was started after relocating within Lohne in 1994. The company began dealing with external products.
A lack of space and strong growth required the company to be relocated to Oldenburg in 2006.


CONNEX is active in the event technology sector worldwide and is divided into three core areas:

  • Production and sales of goods manufactured by CONNEX
    Sound (side rack distribution, stage boxes, multicore systems, audio splitters...)
    Power (power distribution...)
    Lighting (lighting bars, t-bars, hot-patching systems, multicore outlets, DMX splitters...)
    Metal (modular metal housing systems...)
    Networks (Ethernet, interfaces, fibre optic components...)
  • Sales of products from other manufacturers
    Fiberfox, Wagnertools, LK connectors, PowerLink, Neutrik, Harting, Eurocable,
    Stratos, Media Numerics, Arena, Soundlight, Schill, Mennekes, Erso,
    Titanex, CLS-Led and Lapp
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
    This especially includes power distributors, connection panels for audio applications and electronic interfaces
    for signal conversion and distribution. World-famous, renowned brand-name
    manufacturers can be counted among our customers in this area also.

CONNEX products are reliable and comply with your requirements; we pay special attention to providing the highest quality and the best components.
A high degree of automation ensures the standard demanded in event engineering.
Constant monitoring facilitates manufacturing process optimization; systematic quality assurance guarantees compliance with our customers’ demands.
CONNEX provides innovative solutions that integrate the standards but still leave room for individual designs.
Modern dispatching logistics round off the process from the first contact with the customer up to delivery.